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Oh Yeah Dealex is calling me noob hacker Turk :c And he hasnt proof lol Ban me plz
  • gurken72
    gurken72 explain me that.
    Thu at 12:06 AM
  • Shakram63
    Shakram63 #Epictroll2 Bende iyiyim oç :) I have a one screen Epictroll. Hellscream Said I make fake photo with 1v1 epictroll. If u want ı can send you? Do you want oç?
    Thu at 3:36 AM
  • EpicTroll2
    EpicTroll2 I know it was fake he edited the screen Hellscream vs kacperrox.
    Thu at 5:04 AM
  • Shakram63
    Shakram63 Yes hellscream fake make screens. But you dont answer my questions. Do you want screen man? yes or no?
    Thu at 2:31 PM