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[Knights Templar]

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    August 6, 2017 12:56 PM PDT






    This is [Knights Templar].

    Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici.



    This is [ILLUMINATI] military part.

    Purpose of the organization is participate Clan wars and Tournaments.

    Founded 7.8.2017.

    Multiclaning is allowed.


    Admission requirement

    KDR request 1.00 or higher.

    An exemption can be requested from the Pope.



    -We will defend the weak.

    -We will defend freedom.

    -We will sacrife so that others may live free.

    -We will defend our families to the death.

    -We love peace, but we are a fierce enemy.

    -We live by a special code.

    -We live with honour.

    -We do not offend the Pope.

    -We were born to be: Knights.

    {The orginal text is not mine}



    TERMINATOR1000 {Pope Terminus 1}

    Grand Master


    Sir Ubbe4

    Province Commanders

    Sir Ace123 Area56 Province Commander.

    Sir Rauta9 TheRoad Province Commander.

    Sir ViolentLion Haunt Province Commander.

    Sir ByYes7 SkyGates Province Commander.

    Sir jackmann Dustland Province Commander.

    Sir RapidGun21 Bunker Province Commander.

    Sir IronKing King of Jerusalem.

    Elite Guards/Holy Warriors

    Sir NINJAXERO, Sir IronAce, anGeLicAveR29, Sir IronWolf.


    Sir LeGeNdEl3cdRo


    Sir Cool1, Sir Jordan324, Sir ImMayk, Sir Hi127,

    Sir xlHeyJude, Sir Vissensoepje, Sir HELL13432, Sir MELOON,

     Sir TObsidian, Sir Divergente, Sir chudson, Sir XXkoloXX,

    Sir Titan355, Sir KawaiiLoli, Sir TheDarkSlayer, Sir rc97show,

     Sir TheTrueWarKing, Sir ManBruh, Sir Blade, Sir ralphjayss,

    Sir BDeath, Sir Betmen342, Sir JUNMARS, Sir TheMightyOreo,

    KaiChan489, Sir EzSniper16, xNicole, Sir macivari2,

     ondra123, Sir madhats1973, Sir ScRePeaTeR, Sir xDailoS,

    Sir behindu, Sir pedrinho, Sir Andrex, Sir AmericanWolf,

    Sir SkyRiders, Sir LuckyLuke, Sir DeliLizard, Sir Thotz,

    Sir roedimentairtje, Sir raivo, vasik73,

    Sir Lionel2017, Sir KingOfMan, Sir tonppa27, Sir Warrior117.






    Grand Master


    Province Commanders

    Elite Guard/Holy Warrior




    Lead the organization.

    Knights Templars are responsible only to Holy Father.

    Grand Master

    10 points.

    KDR request 1.50 or higher.

    Must be member of [Suomi] and [ILLUMINATI].

    Lead organization in the clan wars and tournaments, when the Pope is not present.


    6 points.

    Must be member of [Suomi] and [ILLUMINATI].

    Lead organization in the clan wars and tournaments, when the Pope and/or Grand Master is not present.

    Province Commanders

    4 points.

    Province Commander rules the his/her favorite map.

    Only 10 Province Commanders.

    Provinces are Area56, Dustland, SecretLab, SnowyCanyon, Bunker, Base, SkyGates, Haunt, TPile and TheRoad.

    King and Queen of Jerusalem. Job is symbolic.

    Elite Guard/Holy Warrior

    2 points.

    The Elite Guard's main task is to protect the Pope.

    The Elite Guard's can also project Province Commanders, Marshal and Grand Master.

    Holy Warrior protect the royal.



    The clan member is automatically a Knight.

    The Knights make up the infantry.

    The Knights are divided into five groups.

    Groups are Sniper, Auto, Car Driver, Car Gunner and Jet Pilot.

    There are only two Testers.



    All tested members have the right to test not tested members.

    The maximum number of points is 10.

    You have to fight the tester.

    A person who fights against a Tester can choose his/her favorite map.

    Game mode is Elimination.

    Allowed weapons are USP, Knife, UMP 40, STG-12, L115A3 and PlasmaGrenade.

    It does not matter if you lose, but it does matter what your point is.


    Holy things and places

    2 holy GlowSticks in a Bunker map.

    Official Holy Cookie is Oreo. Because Oreo has the Cross of Lorraine.

    (This is not advertising purpose, just for fun.)


    Not military.

    Half military.



    Info about real Knights Templar.



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    August 6, 2017 12:59 PM PDT

    I like it. Good luck with the clan once it is made. :)

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    August 6, 2017 1:07 PM PDT
    Thank you.
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    August 6, 2017 1:09 PM PDT

    You're welcome. I can already tell this will be a great clan.

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    September 1, 2017 8:39 AM PDT
    As a Sir, I wish you all of luck.
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    September 1, 2017 12:03 PM PDT
    Thank you.