• Pacific


    Posted by Pacific 9 hours ago - 15 votes - 17 views
    What weapons you think gonna be good for me? Blastgun Tomahawk Revolver Mini-G (I playing most with Sniper, my freind says to buy revolver, its a good combination with sniper.) He think so.
  • TheKing

    Should I save up for Gravity Gun or buy the Trap Mine

    Posted by TheKing Tue at 6:40 PM - 6 votes - 11 views
    Here's the deal: I've seen a lot of people using the Gravity Gun and it seems like a great transportation tool. However, I've seen people also use the Trap Mine and I also think it would be a good asset to my very small weapon inventory.
  • kikobrave

    Who is Better in a can battle

    Posted by kikobrave Mon at 5:40 PM - 24 votes - 53 views
    This is very serious whoever gets the most votes wins and also if you buy my skins i will appreciate it Thank you DEATHSQUAD VS HELL VS LEGION
  • ByCRAZY6


    Posted by ByCRAZY6 Mon at 6:04 AM - 14 votes - 23 views

    What is your favorite subject?

    Posted by SNIPERKING90000 March 19 - 10 votes - 26 views

    Do you hate school?

    Posted by SNIPERKING90000 March 19 - 14 votes - 35 views
    If you chose that you have a reason why then put the reason in the comment below.
  • AfrikaiGyilkos

    Who's the best old warmerise player?

    Posted by AfrikaiGyilkos March 19 - 71 votes - 98 views
  • HellScream


    Posted by HellScream March 19 - 24 votes - 45 views
    After i won all in duels at this game alot really hate me cuz they lose vs me i won 150 pros in this game iam sure all will say leave really anyway iam leaving just wanna know who loved me in this game and still dc;0
  • HellScream

    Hell or clown

    Posted by HellScream March 19 - 18 votes - 37 views
  • TheKillerClown31


    Posted by TheKillerClown31 March 19 - 18 votes - 57 views