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10 People who will Survive in Zombie Apocalypse

Posted by BlueDragonFire
10 People who will Survive in Zombie Apocalypse How Long Can You Survive in -89ºС??? CREDITS: 1. The Full Auto Pencil Shooter Ballistic 2. "The Coke Bottle Gatling" JoergSprave 3. Coca Cola Bottle Coca Cola Bottle - The Q 4. Airsoft Machine Gun from a Soda Bottle - NightHawkInLight 5. Functional .22 Cal - Alex Smyth 6.Homemade Black Powder Bazooka Test Fire Goes Wrong 7. Full-Auto Gauss Gun - Jason Murray 8. Homebuilt 200W LASER BAZOOKA - styropyro 9. Easy Homemade Flamethrower - Royal Nonesuch
Posted August 9
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  • Salvavida
    Salvavida Now that is entertainment! The homemade Mini-G was awesome, but what really got me was the electro-magnetic gun.
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  • BlueDragonFire
    BlueDragonFire And to think, all it takes is a few materials and watching YouTube to build an arsenal of different weapons.

    There should be an FPS game with all the weapons being "homemade". Sometimes they work, sometimes they jam and sometimes they just fall apart for...  more
    August 10
  • Salvavida
    Salvavida That is a great idea! Max could do that in Warmerise with weapons malfunctions. Particularly grenades and gravity gun. And the flame thrower.
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