Riley Reid - 8 Ball Shawty Rap [1 Hour Version] + Lyrics

[LYRICS] Red face, put that water on your moustache Porno swag, 100 Gs, Louis Duffel bag Pink pussy make that dick have a heart attack Who that is? Riley Reid with my booty fat Lezzy lez swag, porno cam damn Pimp that bitch Women and the men Got the money out the flick, headed to the trap Pussy getting so wet from the money stack Triple stacks bitch, we can out a 100 pack You ain't heard what I said, nigga run it back My god, whore, my god, nigga, whip a trick Hello lick one I'm pussy as combat fuck, niggas 305 Dade county, yeah we known for getting rowdy Spit stringing from my mouth Let you fuck my face Good nutritious nut, on deck nigga Eat me out nigga, eat me out nigga Beat it out, beat it out, beat it out nigga Jerk it out Jerk it out Beat it out, beat it out, beat it out nigga Jerk it out Beat it out [TAGS] 0 music video, 0 musica, 0's music hits, 0's music playlist, 1 h music, 1 music 20 songs, 1 music 2017, 1 music 50 songs,1 music 7 songs,1 music channel,1 music mix,1 music video,1 musica,1 musically song,1 musicmoz,2 music kids,2 music mashup,2 music mix,2 music remix,2 music video,2 musical birds,2 musical birds. dig in front of the spinning light,2 musically accounts,3 music - s. a. rajkumar singer - swarnalatha movie - putham puthu poove (1997) - film not released,3 music box,3 music draw x3,3 music songs,3 music tamil,3 music video,3 musica,3 hacks how to get more hearts and fans,3 musically hacks,3 musicians,4 music advert 2017,4 music channel,4 music husalah,4 music little mix,4 music miss in asia,9 music movie,9 music styles,9 music video,9 music video drake,a music app that doesn't need wifi,a music blog yea,a music video,a musical celebration sesame street,a musical joke, a musical joke mozart,a musical night at circus baby's pizza world, a musical something rotten,a musical something rotten karaoke, a musical something rotten tony awards,asphalt 8 music, axel f music video,b music mat,b music note,b music tv,b music videos,b musica,b musical,b musical channel,b musical haschak sisters,b musical justin and ivey,b musical mattyb,big l music video, c music channel,c music factory,c music factory sweat,c music programming,c music smile,c music tv,c music tv online, c music tv youtube,c music video,c musical note,cloud 9 music,d music company,d music guitar,d music kannada,d music mongolia, d music note,d music note sound,d music video,d music world, d music хөгжмийн ертөнц,d musics tm,da$h music video,dota 2 music,dragon quest 8 music,e music 2016,e music 2017,e music bangladesh,e music brand,e music note,e music radio,e music video bangla,e musically,e musicmaestro,emusic,event 0 music, f music channel,f music note,f music player,f music speaker,f music symbol,f music video,f musical note sound,f musically, f musically compilations,final fantasy 8 music,final fantasy 9 music, g music 2017,g music bangla,g music company,g music connect camaro,g music das efx,g music king louie,g music note,g music playlist,g music tv,g music videos,gloc 9 music video,h music m, h music note,h music official,h music ultimo,h music video, hawaii five 0 music,holly h musically,i music app,i music i flow,i music video,i musical genius,i musici,i musici four seasons,i musici veneziani,i musici vivaldi,i musici vivaldi four seasons,i musici winter,j music 2017,j music ay ay ay,j music ensemble,j music hd,j music live,j music nightcore,j music playlist,j music studio,j music video,j musiclove,k music 2017,k music life,k music live,k music never,k music player fancy,k music playlist,k music sweet,k music ult,k music ult app,k music video,l music 2016,l music carlton the doorman,l music for studying,l music gaithersburg md,l music instrumental,l music theme,l music video,l,l&p music production,m music 2016,m music 2017,m music channel,m music festival,m music festival penang,m music mongolian,m music song,m music studio,m music video,m musicien francais,mario kart 8 music,mario party 8 music,mario party 9 music,master p music,master p music videos,megaman 8 music,music,music 007,music 007 skyfall,music 00s,music 017,music 0217,music 03,music 05,music 07,music 09,music 0f the 80s,music 1 hour,music 10 hours,music 101,music 1960,music 1970,music 1970 to 1980,music 1980 hits,music 1990,music 1990 hits,music 1999,music 2000,music 2000 hits,music 2014,music 2015,music 2016,music 2016 new songs,music 2017,music 2017 pop,music 2017 rap,music 2017 remix,music 3 hours,music 30 minutes, music 30 seconds,music 3017,music 311,music 360,music 360 video,music 39,music 3d,music 3d audio,music 4 cod,music 4 hours, music 4 kids,music 40's 50's,music 40s,music 432,music 432 hertz, #1 rap song 2016,0 rap song,0 rappa,0 rappa acustico,0 rapper,1 rap battle,1 rap fnaf,1 rap god,1 rap song,1 rap song 2017,1 rapper
Posted July 14
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