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I have been talking with my officers about this for while now. I had thought about ending Exalt after the tournament ended. I would liked to keep this going, but I do not think that I can. I have put time and dedication into Exalt to make it what it is today. Some of my members have been some of the best people I have met in this game. I seek a problem that some of my officers have come to me about, it is the issue where they loyalties with other clans, and their leadership wants them to rep a certain tag instead of Exalt’s. This however does not bother me, I am not autocratic overlord that orders people to do things, I simply wish that they either are loyal to Exalt or loyal to other clans. I leave it up to them to do what is best for them. I feel like this overall has been good, as all members of Exalt have equal responsibilities and rights. But I cannot keep Exalt alive if I do not have enough people representing us, we will slowly end up fading away no matter what. I wanted to thank all of you that have supported us this last year. It means a lot to me. Exalt is the best clan I have ever led, and I am proud to see where we have come. Exalt will now be permanently closed. For those that wish to stay loyal to the clan you will be able to stay. Thank you all for this great opportunity.
  • Wiinwin
    Wiinwin It will be permanently closed, but it will forever stay in our hearts.... One day in future, Exalt's next generation might begins...
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  • neoknuxx
    neoknuxx Exalt is a very good clan. It can be the best clan in the Warmerise history. It's representations are something that's really much more than a clan. I don't know much about game clans, but this clan, is something else, something different. Quite cool and ...  more
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  • Manickaa
    Manickaa I’m sad to have it end.
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  • Akiles
    Akiles <3
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