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This will be my way of giving back to the community. I would like to host a small Warmerise Community Montage Competition. The Prizes will be made up of my earnings from the last tournament as well as some other c.a.s.h I had collecting dust. I enjoy creating and editing things, so I just thought that this would be a fun and creative way for the Warmerise Community to compete, and most importantly win prizes.

If you are interested in participating, please read the following below very carefully:

1). This is a montage tournament, meaning that all clips and footage are grinded for in you own time, there will be no pvp matches. There will be no set times that you must keep track of other than the deadline to submit your video.

2). You are only allowed to submit your OWN clips/edit. All work that is submitted must genuinely be yours, submitting work created by other people will result in automatic disqualification.

3). This competition will be response based, meaning that your montage that you submit will be put side-by-side against responses by other players. These responses will be voted on by the community, to determine which is the best, and deserves a spot in the final three.

4). This will be run similar to the Call of Duty Sniping Showdown tournament, meaning that there will be limited music choices to choose from.

These are just some of the basic elements of how this competition will function. A forum topic with more detailed information will be out this week, as well as an application form. Feel free to reach our and message me if you have any questions regarding this.