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Posted by Maige
Like and subscribe! Follow my Insta: -ChillyCharmeleon Check out my server! All rights to IDubbbz Lyrics: [Intro] Calling all steves Theres Creepers Theres Creepers in front of the noobs house There's about to be a PVP in progress Send all Minecraft Steves Send in the diamond swords Send in the armor Send in the Bow and arrows Send in the... Heck! [Verse 1] [iDubbbz] I wanna get ores Cause you're creeper and I wanna kill you quick But Im OP, After Fighting you I'll Take your gunpowder Oh no, You gonna explode? Gonna Blow the Ores right out of my Chest? That was griefing my world You're a "Creeper" who can't Blow up me without dying? Hiss like you ready to blow, Ayy Is that your gunpowder in my hand, Ayy Say to your creeper friends, Ayy That steve was to OP? Ayy you look afraid Must have seen my diamond sword Well Look little creeper Cause i’ve got enchanted armor [Verse 2] [Boyinaband] Whoo! You've been Exploding When ive been in my mine getting diamonds and diamonds Let Mobs think you killed a steve When you weren't capable of blowing up a steves house Your a noob, But then I saw you try to kill I was more dissapointed than when I found out Zombies die in the sun Steve, Gotta, Mine Gotta Mine Mine Mine Because when you've got no Diamond Ore Replace it with a Emerald You really don't see The mobs Dying a lot? Getting killed quick They are dying from my diamond sword But you still try to explode? No no no no You think Noobs gonna say [Verse 3] [iDubbbz] Oh No No! Creepers come exploding! You make me so Mad when you blow up my stuff You've got all my stuff and its really annoying Please! Dont kill me and please leave You only gonna kill noobs So try your best to kill steves You are not gonna kill us, You're gonna get killed real quickly A steve A strong PVPer That no mobs can fight They are in the mine all the time They have lots of diamond ores You're like endermen, Without teleportation Like skeletons, But no bow n arrows Like a Creeper, But, Actually yeah, You're exactly like a creeper [Bridge] Say you don't wanna die to the OP steves But this creepers gonna get PVPed How can you Blow up houses when you’re to scared to try and kill the Steves [Verse 4] [iDubbbz] Little noob, Little Creep Taste my diamond sword Admit that you just got killed I'd say PVP if you Didn’t blow up Get it, Because you're a creeper? That's what you wanted right? Hey, Let's blow up chilly With his OP diamond tools Oh Notch, Why are the creepers in this game They are really nooby they cant blow up the OP steves! [Boyinaband] What ever you promised to blow up has failed You cant blow up Bedrock You evil griefing mob, Your explosions dont hurt me I got blast protection You cant blow up unless i punch you in water(Oh no) How do creepers think they’ll blow us up Not realize we have diamonds But let me guess im using hax, right? Isn't that your excuse When you're in water i shoot you with a bow Cause you're a noob i could kill you any time You're a stupid noob, not OP wooden tools And that's that, So come to think of it You're actually a really nooby mob [Outro] Got all the diamonds And emeralds and Redstone And yet you're always not gonna kill me quick! Now I'm mining those ores I have all these tools and im too OP But I got all your gunpowder though "Are you gonna explode?"
Posted October 7, 2017
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