• Chell

    Profile Picture

    Posted by Chell July 10 - 12 votes - 4 views
    Do you want me to change my profile to this teen as a meme, to this fat kid as a meme, or not at all. Yes, I have reached a huge amount of boredom. Gonna use it for one week if I don't get used to it. Fugly Teen https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/216257457264132097/334061422529216512/Brony.png Fat Kid https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/297477127131889664/334056707728736267/WHAT_ARE_Y
  • LittleFirefly

    What movie?

    Posted by LittleFirefly July 10 - 10 votes - 15 views
    I'm gonna place a line from a movie and you gotta guess which movie. The line is: "We could have all been killed or worse expelled."
  • Caloy26

    who is beautiful

    Posted by Caloy26 July 10 - 12 votes - 32 views
    Who is beautiful
  • Caloy26

    For anyone

    Posted by Caloy26 July 10 - 3 votes - 27 views
    Creature or Annika
  • PrinceRazor


    Posted by PrinceRazor July 9 - 10 votes - 18 views
    So what Do you think about Max (Mod} he's
  • FarzTheVictorious

    if your best friend tells you to stop coming to warmerise

    Posted by FarzTheVictorious July 9 - 21 votes - 8 views
    what will ya do ?
  • FarzTheVictorious

    did this ever happen to you

    Posted by FarzTheVictorious July 9 - 2 votes - 9 views
    you're like annoying your friend who knows you're jk and then those jerks show up outta no where and start roasting you and calling you pervert ( well jerks i'm not the one dying for girls ) ps i was like roasting guys before and they were like ignoring me , now i'm roasting girls no they're showing up, just wow
  • Alucard

    would you rather

    Posted by Alucard July 7 - 10 votes - 34 views
    have max...
  • ivyclark

    candy or marshmallows

    Posted by ivyclark July 7 - 5 votes - 9 views
    who likes candy and who like marshmallows or u don't like both at all
  • FarzTheVictorious

    so girls how is your status going ?

    Posted by FarzTheVictorious July 7 - 21 votes - 18 views
    ( as almost all of you girls got like many many lovers at least don't lie some of us know ) #sorry don't get mad