• Pleomax

    En Que Mes Regresaron A Warmerise

    Posted by Pleomax May 3 - 15 votes - 13 views
    En Que Mes Regresaron A Warmerise? In what month did they return to Warmerise?

    Nombre pal clan

    Posted by HADSONG May 3 - 21 votes - 22 views
    Me gustaria crear un clan... aqui unos posibles nombres para el clan, voten por el mejor...
  • ReVeNaNT

    Spawn Protection

    Posted by ReVeNaNT May 3 - 24 votes - 62 views
    Consider this has a petition, would you like to see this has a petition for the spawn protection removall,-( with the condition that it would actually still be implemented against mines (since that was one of the main reasons it was added, to protect players from previously placed mines on the spawn points)- but not agains shots OR would you still like it to be implement even agains the shots? (i
  • AfrikaiGyilkos

    Who's Better

    Posted by AfrikaiGyilkos May 3 - 32 votes - 38 views
  • StarWarsCrazy

    ClanWar Idea

    Posted by StarWarsCrazy May 2 - 28 votes - 25 views
    Murder Inc vs Hell. is that interesting? Tho im not in either it sounds awesome.
  • Clasher123

    Which one should i do?

    Posted by Clasher123 May 1 - 39 votes - 75 views
    Should i make clan or buy LSMG3?
  • Alucard

    Kriss Super V return

    Posted by Alucard May 1 - 18 votes - 26 views
    i've been talking with some players, and after knowing their opinions, so what do yoy think? should kriss super v returna as a NEW gun? (so different specs?)
  • StarWarsCrazy

    Stay Loyal to Clan or Leave to Join Another?

    Posted by StarWarsCrazy April 30 - 19 votes - 30 views
    Help me here guys. I feel torn in 2.
  • vuukii76

    Could this game become an esport?

    Posted by vuukii76 April 30 - 17 votes - 35 views
    Yes or no?
  • OmniFire

    A good clanwar?

    Posted by OmniFire April 30 - 27 votes - 45 views
    Does a clanwar between - = {*DEATHSQUAD*}= - and |[MURDER INC]| sound interesting?