• PrinceRazor

    Which Religions are you!!

    Posted by PrinceRazor April 29 - 40 votes - 32 views
  • newwatchout

    Should we ban newwatchout?

    Posted by newwatchout April 29 - 7 votes - 26 views
  • RaMa

    In-Game Cash

    Posted by RaMa April 28 - 47 votes - 58 views
    Hello guys... I will be leaving warmerise soon. I have like 17k cash and I am nowhere near buying any not yet bought weapon. So what should be tge best way to dump off my cash. I will be using like 3k cash for using the consumables for first time. So all that will be left is 14k cash. All comments are welcomed. Comment other suggestions.
  • Pleomax


    Posted by Pleomax April 28 - 25 votes - 23 views
    Cual Me Combiene Comprar? What do you match me with?
  • Polandmatt234

    Where do you play Warmerise at?

    Posted by Polandmatt234 April 27 - 41 votes - 47 views
    Trying to see who plays in what version of the game.
  • EpicTroll2

    Who is best :v

    Posted by EpicTroll2 April 27 - 44 votes - 62 views
    Who is best warmerise player?
  • TheUltimateBeast

    Favourite film?

    Posted by TheUltimateBeast April 26 - 12 votes - 27 views
    Which of these films do you like?
  • Erlaanz

    Who should Sone's gf be?

    Posted by Erlaanz April 25 - 34 votes - 50 views
    This is a very important poll so take it seriously.
  • Alucard

    New Vehicle?

    Posted by Alucard April 23 - 17 votes - 39 views
    would u like to see this tank https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/35354 in warmerise? this would like cost coins in the team base, we have discussed some specs in the Forum (bugs and suggestions->Top 5 suggestion) of course this would be an option in big maps like Base and Haunt
  • Coldzer00

    Suggestions plz

    Posted by Coldzer00 April 23 - 74 votes - 115 views
    Is Rockangel90 really a lagger or just i only see her lagg everytime? cuz epictroll2 says she doesnot lagg!