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Arena 9

  • June 27, 2020 9:33 PM PDT

    Welcome to Arena 9!


    Area 9 is map designed for long range sniper battles while also providing plenty of cover for those who do not wish to engage snipers at range. I designed this map with Team Elimination in mind but it also does well in bomb mode and Team Deathmatch.

    Key features:

    *  Four sniper towers allow plenty of view into the barricades below.

    *  Two armories to access during bomb mode.

    *  One ladder adjacent to each spawn for quick access to the wall.

    *  Randomized barricade placement for unique situations each fight.


    Possible future updates (feedback based):

    *   More ladders to the upper levels.

    *   Addition of a jet(s).

    *   Adding invisible walls to the upper area to prevent gravity gun users from skipping ladders and going straight onto sniper towers.

    *   Addition of skybox (looking for FPS feedback)


    Your feedback is welcome! I'm perticularily interested in FPS feedback from everyone to help with optimization of this map.

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