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    January 8, 2021 3:21 AM PST

    Welcome to -{|DeathRoid|}-




    Death 'roids are used to uncap fighters who have reached their maximum level (through conventional leveling up mean).

    • Must have KDR : 1.00 OR above
    • Should be a pro with sniper as well as with auto
    1.No toxic
    2.Accept players request to join if you're a officer (Dont accept if you know that person is toxic)
    3.Any problem you dont know what to do with post it to the clan
    4. Respect others in the clan: Don't call others things we don't use. Respect others, help others, stay like a family together.
    5. No Multi-Accounting- We don't accept Multi-Accounting because people get banned or deleted.
    6. Not more than 10 clans you can keep *Including*
    7. No Glitch/Hacking: We don't like people who use Glitch, because we don't want to have that guy who glitch in a clan war examples Hacking are something we hate most in the clan, hacking are for people who are noob.


    ► Clan Link :



     - Age :
     - Country :
     - Gender :

    - Clan history and reason why you left your previous clans ( if any do mention):

    * - What does -{|DeathRoid|}- clan mean for you ? 
    * - What's your goal with -{|DeathRoid|}-  ? 
    * - What makes you different from others players ?  
    * - Did you read our rules properly and understood them?


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