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Warmerise story: zombie apocalypse

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    August 26, 2021 7:20 PM PDT

    In a day and night the blue team are party over the halloween later that day a vortex apears and a zombie falls out later they would kill it kill more and there is too many of them later a red team kills more zombies and save the blue team. Later they are going to the portal and save the world the blue team shoots more zombies more zombies!. One day. The portal spawns and the blue team has arrive to the second grave yard gets more resource btw cj said: *i need to go to the helicopter* after the day the wave 1 has started shoots all zombies Later a portal spawns again to get out. On a final place they having a train ride to stop it. They shoot skeletons, zombies, zombie police, bats, and vampires, one day the train stop and they have arrive they shoots more zombies every zombies. But one day the red soldier have build something a boss but named frankenstein. They shoot frankenstein *skips the boss fight* frankenstein had been broken but one day blue team chases the red soldier using portal gun they chase him but the red soldier is using portal gun and chasing on the blue team party. But a day on a night a volcanic explosion a red soldier has ran out of battery. the blue team go forward and the red soldier has go backwards, go forwards, go backwards, and the red soldier almost falls. but the blue team has go forwards, and the red soldier has go backwards. the red soldier has fall down on the lava A portal has spawn to return and the story ends! I think you enjoy :D



    warmerise and fright zone




    Ima bullshet

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