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WCL • Warmerise™ Competitive League

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    October 18, 2021 5:36 AM PDT

    More information coming soon

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    December 13, 2021 10:02 AM PST

    Warmerise Competitive League is a soon to debut service by which players can opt in to play on an all year round league and climb throught the ranks

    Players will compete with each other and climb throught a ladder using an SR (ELO) system developed by members of the community, ranking the participants from Bronze I to Legend.

    At last a good indicator of your skill


    Discord server already available


    Way more soon to come

    please do not comment below

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    February 2, 2022 12:12 PM PST

    Hello Warmerisers! 

    The Warmerise Competitive League has already started with its "season 0"

    This season will be meant for the players to get a hang of how the league procedes and for the moderation team to get acostumated to, therefore I happy to announce that this season pass is FREE!

    Join our discord server and be part of a growing community on Warmerise

    Check our Discord for the rules and hang around to find opponents to increase your SR

    If you have any questions add me on Warmerise or send me a message on Discord WCL#2870


    Way more soon to come
    please do not comment bellow