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Optimization request: Nuke Town

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    March 23, 2018 4:13 AM PDT

    This is one of the posts I will be creating to discuss and give tips regarding performance on existing custom maps.
    Other map makers, feel free to use these tips when creating a map to ensure that your map is optimized as much as possible.

    Issue number 1:
    I noticed alot of miniature plants around the map, each plant consist of many separate meshes.
    Even though the plants are barely visible, they still take resources to render thus reducing performance.
    Solution: Remove them. Only leave the most important objects.

    Issue number 2:
    Walls on the roof of the houses. It was a great solution to prevent camping, however it doesn't look too good.
    Solution: Move the walls into the "_InvisibleWalls" that is located inside "_AllPoints". That way the walls will become invisible in game, but players will not be able to go through them.

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    December 10, 2019 6:44 AM PST

    max when will new maps be made