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    December 6, 2018 10:58 AM PST

    Suggestions that should be Implemented in my Opinion to make Warmerise great as the old times.

    Suggestion #1: Warmerise was a Unity web player game in the old good days,right now it turned out to WebGL due to browsers's unsupport to NPAPI after some patches starting off with Chrome then moving to other browsers. Well there was a project of Standalone version but it ended up in failing as WebGL is right now,a complete failure. You literally play on 10 fps when I remember that I was getting up to 300 fps or higher. Ping is another serious issue right here, It was good for me when Now it increases up to 1000 ms which is messed up. So the main thing I want to say is remove WebGL support and Unity Support for old versions users to completely make Standalone the only version available to increase the number of players and make it much better. Especially if It gets updates more and more often,I know the old one was a failure but still It's possible to revive it throught standalone. Just look at Red Crucible,It was a web game now it turned out to be a Steam & standalone game and still has a decent amount of players still. Just if Standalone is back,please take a fair enough time on it to make it decent and perfect for us,players.

    Suggestion #2: Old gun prices,I mean why they have been changed in the first place. That's just not making any sense at all. It was a fair gameplay you start off with 0 EXP and 0 CASH. You'll meet some players who grinded a lot but still it's not like 300 hours of gameplay grind. It was a good start and a smooth gameplay just bring up old prices etc...

    Suggestion #3: Old gameplay experience and this exactly includes.. Bring up old jumping system,speed system and stamina system and of course remove LADDERS,if anyone is an old player you'll surely remember old parkour that had to be done to get into some building It was absolutely fun especially if you fall and die of fall damage,that was so challenging,right now someone with a gravity gun can get in top of that building in less than 3 seconds :/

    Suggestion #4: Remove the guns that ruins GAMEPLAY experience for an example Gravity gun which sticks to the suggestion above,remove Tomahawk or nerf it by giving it a delay to be thrown so its not instaboom, and remove guns like Rail Rifle etc...

    Here are sections:

    • Primary: UMP 40 - L115A3 - STG12 - MiniG - Carbine - Blastgun(old weapon texture) - Plasma Gun - Flamethrower
    • Secondary: USP - Revolver - RPG
    • Additional: Plasma Grenade - TrapMine
    • Melee: Knife - Pretty much everything else is useless We wants old Warmerise.

    Suggestion #5: Remove USELESS maps like The road etc...

    Suggestion #6: Custom maps. Before allowing a custom map to be released onto public,take it under testing section so Max or moderators can check them out and review,only one is required to review if he gives the map a good rating then it's approved and will be posted to public,fair enough I guess.

    Suggestion #6: Remove ball mode,just a rip-off of Rocket league and never gonna work out as a gamemode just believe that,and remove nuke mode too as it's just meh.

    Suggestion #7: Remove map extentions for an example Bunker,some doors were closed in the past making the gameplay more fun to quickly get kill and finish the game off so I rather keep them closed like before.

    Suggestion #8: Remove requirements to create a clan,why this even has been added in the first place ? I know it was added to stop multi-creation of clans or spam or flood or whatever you want to call it but still.

    Suggestion #9: Remove paying real money to get cash, I mean it's pay to win as weapons are really unbalanced if you want, But I know that Max added this in the first place so he can support himself by the money he gets and keep warmeriese up to date.

    Suggestion #10: Well for Comestics items like Capes,Skins,suits etc.... They're not game changing features so pretty much normal,nothing needs to be changed.

    Suggestion #11: Add some kind of color to players with spawn protection, red aura for red players and blue aura for blue players.

    Suggestion #12: Remove TPV - 3rd person view.

    If I missed something let me know,I'll update the thread.

    Edit 1: Fixed some typos and added more suggestions.

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    December 6, 2018 9:23 PM PST

    1 no, no chance, maybe (if possible) standalone server merged with browser version, but tbh the performance is getting better and better by the day, personally the game runs smooth and its the same for many other (visible on the attendancy later, lots of players all the time)

    2 no, just grind a lil, dont be the guy who rarely plays and wants the legendary gun-i never forget the first time i bough my first gun through play earned cash.

    3 no, evolve, free yourself from the past

    4 no.

    5 ig a remaster could work

    6 leave it be for now

    7 what?

    8 u must be out of your mind

    9 where is it pay to win fam? check the defenition

    10 so your suggestion for a change is no change?

    11 y u p

    12 good luck, I honestly wish u luck


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    December 16, 2018 2:20 AM PST
    Max let me save you 5 minutes of reading. Use a time travel machine and let's go back to October 2014.
    Even tho I am not the biggest fan of some updates, stuff like the new knives there are doesn't really change much and it's something innovative that keeps the game alive. New weapons and maps are appreciated every now and then.
    Also if this system looks hard to you for creating a clan, there was a much better system in BeGone to make only good structured clans alive which obviously wouldn't work here: you'd have to have a forum stating at least 6 members, be able to organize a 6v6 cw to prove you are serious about making the clan and then you PMed the developer and he will consider your request. That was hard, all you need here is farming some Cash.