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GRAVITY GUN problems

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    February 1, 2017 4:03 PM PST

    (pls read all)


    gravity gun as becomed for some an icon of a great player however i came here to talk to you guys about how over-powered this "gadgjet" (not even gonna call it gun) has become

    since going from point A to point f*cking far away B in a split of a second (wich is unfair for the poor peasent who actually aims to the enemy with a sniper for example) wasn´t enough, some bright minds even made it worst

    so whats the problem? u may be asking, you see, gravity gun is no longer a fair item to have, since the use of varies tatics is no longer "valid", for example, ill recall some events that happened to me, so...i join this red team on bunker who wore getting their ass kick, i join in, immedeatly all those "new spawn killers" starting shooting, luckily i could take some out and placed some mines to stop the great flow of blues coming from the doors...isn´t it in my "complete surprise" some dude happens to have this item with him, and like a thunder storm in the room, kills a bunck of people and you know what? the mines exploded, but caused no freaking damage to him, dont come with those arguments "maybe you put only one and it wasn´t enought because the radius was low and it didnt affect him" (i put all of those 3 little bastards) or "maybe you die in that instant and the mines had gone away" (i wasn´t, it was until a few -6/7 seconds- later that idied)

    and this wasn´t even a big deal, there are a load of other cases like this one that annoy me a lot, the gravity gun spinters for example, get in my nerve, but i kinda let that one pass right, there are thinks much worse, for example taking back at one of my inumerous experiences with this item, so i was playing on TPile-no sure tbh- (red team) all out of the sudden a blue jumps into our middle me and my pall start shooting, for those who're wondering he jumped from the pipe above, lol jk, he used the gravity gun, and we start to shoot and for like a split secon (in a FPS thats a lot of time) the guy didnt took any damage - He Was Still In Spwan Protection- i dont even know how can you go from a base to another in just those few seconds, oh wait, yes i do using a gravity gun .-. , needless to say i died and my pall atleast took im out

    Before you begun to call me a noob or a buthurt, i usted to be in top 100 in the old warmerise, i usted to have the gravity (no i wasn´t very good with it, im just making a point) , and i did used it, but not to do this game spoiling, i used it manly to go to places were people hardly or impossible can go to, for example some buildings in base or the cliff on Skywars, i "like" gravity gun but when its used for its original purpose, my only suggestion was, idk, maybe take it out of the game and substitute it for like a JetPack (it would still be pretty awesome tbh) but i know that that won't happen so i'm asking you, gravity gun guy who'se spent a porcion of is life reading this...stop using that sh*t "wrong", you may be having a so called "fun", but it ruins the game, this is a FPS not a freaing race, if you dont want to mine-explode that the other freaking door, just use your pure skill to win, to that stuff, u dont need that, who needs that? yeah you get great KD in a match but i've done so (58-3 in old warmerise u.u) and i didnt needed it, so pls, lets stop usin gravity gun, leave your comments below and give your opinion, i might be wrong '-'


    Good Night/Day, Sterben99 signing out