Red vs Blue


Warmerise | Red vs Blue is an Online First-Person Shooter that runs directly in your Browser, without needing any plugins (It uses a new technology called WebGL, which provides a full 3D experience).

The game features a vast array of Maps and Weapons to ensure a long-lasting gaming experience.
New weapons and items can be purchased using Cash, which is the name for in-game currency.
XP on the other hand stands for Experience Points, which are gained during gameplay (NOTE: To gain XP you must be registered and logged in).
XP is gained during the game and corresponds to the amount of Cash that is also added, but unlike Cash, XP cannot be spent, it is used for player ranking instead.
You can consult your Cash and XP by visiting your profile page.

There are multiple ways to get Cash:
- By playing the game and gaining XP
- By selling weapon skins (Click here to learn more)
- By purchasing Cash with real money (Click here to visit the Store)

To configure game Controls and other Settings click Options.

You are free to embed Warmerise on your site by using the code provided on this page.