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Today I just experienced some simps using warmerise as a flirting app like **** if you wanna play in that server then kick you even you didnt do anything wrong like im just mad But do you hate simps in warmerise?
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  • cismarikikilashvili
    cismarikikilashvili someone who voted no is kicker, once i entered server by 1 second i didnt do anything and all started vote kicking me. i enter private servers and kicked instantly.
    February 21 - 2 like this
  • SomeCallMeJohnny
    SomeCallMeJohnny LMAO. Stop crying, kid. Or i will cut your internet off.
    February 22
  • sawdust2
    sawdust2 XD jonny,if u know where he lives,that makes u a stalker or a friend or sibling.and if ur a stalker they can then track ur ip adress,and press charges for stalking.ANYWAY,yes simps are bad.
    February 27 - 1 likes this