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Are unregistered players bad?

You know how you're just playing Warmerise on TheIsland2016, and you get in a brand new car because you're heading off to ram some red players for coins? Suddenly, a random unregistered player joins and runs into the car, gets on top, and starts destroying it with an STG-12. Or how you are playing on an only sniper map, you are about to get 3 headshots in a row, then this unregistered player walks
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  • a4771
    a4771 they are not bad but they really like to spam
    January 14
    CJDIA And Steal weapons
    January 14
  • lolip0p
    lolip0p the majority or huge part of the unregs was bad, some of them were actually good. people like mga bobo (he has an acc now) and mike hawk
    January 16
  • Black130
    Black130 first of all most of them are just mfs who chat like a toddler: Kodakosdoapfapsm. second of all these dudes just loves to use auto IN......... long range XD, the question: not all of them are bad but some are noubs and some are walking robots about to kil...  more
    January 17 - 1 likes this