which are you?

There are two types of players who play warmerise. Which one are you?
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  • FilipKingMVP
    FilipKingMVP as frst i rushed to grind good weapons,because i thought more expensive=more fun, i was wrong and then i just decided to sometimes play for fun, for example, at the start i though "i need neto guns to win this war" and now i think "I AM THE WAR"
    May 12
  • PikachuSama
    PikachuSama Just for fun
    May 12
  • Lion7
    Lion7 I was allways more oriented with playing with friends but I thought I need to be super good to have fun as well. But now I'm only a for fun gamer who loves playing with friends. I was top100, had a good clan, had good stats so I accomplished that as well ...  more
    May 12