Super Mario Bros Super Show: Robo Koopa

Posted by LightningStorm
The final episode of the Super Mario Bros Super Show Cartoon - Robo Koopa. Originally aired 30-Nov-1989 Mario and friends arrive in Robo Land and get attacked by King Koopa who's wearing a robo suit. They meet up with Bunsen, a robot Mushroom who temporarily gets rid of Koopa. Bunsen then takes Mario and friends to Dr. Nerdnick, the man who was tricked into building the robo suit and is now being held captive by Koopa's guards. Everything is going well until Koopa returns and captures Princess and Toad. Also features the Captain Lou is Missing live action sketch For more Mario visit Subscribe to TheMarioBros YouTube Channel Like TheMarioBros on Facebook Follow TheMarioBros on Twitter Join the TheMarioBros on Google+
Posted October 19, 2020
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