Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Vs. Golden Frieza [Trap Remix]

Posted by ethesoldier
#BowBeforeYourPrince. Check out how Vegeta completely destroys Frieza, with a little twist... JustSaiyan Gear: Use the code 'lezbeepic' for 10% off! ORIGINAL TRACK: TheUnder - Fire. Courtesy of Riptide Music Group: For business enquiries, please email If you want to support me making these videos, check out my Patreon page: ORIGINAL TRACK: TheUnder - Fire Huge thank you to Riptide Music Group ( for letting me use this track AND being so incredibly helpful in the process. Thank you. Support TheUnder: Spotify: iTunes: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Soundcloud: About TheUnder: Los Angeles based producer/songwriter, TheUnder, brings versatility to this modern music landscape. After fronting a rock band for years, cultivating and perfecting his songwriting skills, he’s made the transition into heavy hiphop beats and catchy, anthemic pop records. With huge horns, dynamic synths, and memorable top lines, he paints an aggressive picture of sound that adds the perfect energy to any situation. About this video: I actually used to be a bigger fan of Goku back in the day. But I think as I grew older all that admiration changed towards Vegeta. He is without a doubt the hardest working character in the show. So when Res. of "F" came out I was pretty salty about Goku stealing the kill. So about a month ago I just said fuck it. Vegeta will get the W this time. This is the result. I'm proud of this video, it's the video Vegeta deserved. #BowBeforeYourPrince About my inspiration for this video: About a month ago I saw a video by LunarGade with this song. His video inspired me to make mine. Check out that video here: Of course I cannot forget about the legend AfroSenju who used this song for quite some time as his intro. So to you bro! Check him out here: Model used in video: Thank you for letting me use these shots Nick!
Posted June 29, 2021
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