Laughing asian guy yells and laugh over ice cream [YTP]

Posted by Axu
Sorry guys, it's been a month since latest upload. Don't worry, I'm always online on Youtube but don't upload video often, just to understand. At least my winter break has began 4 days ago after the 3 days exam and I'm going back in January 9th, 2018. Anyway, here's my 2nd YTP. Took me few days to complete this. Videos, musics, and programs used are in the ending, the credits. Just you know these clips, including music, are not mine. However, the editing is done by me. WARNING: Loud and jumpscare sounds, please limit your volume before watching, especially while wearing headphone/earphone. Also, keep in mind that it contain offensive part in it. If you don't like it, just don't watch that part. FUN FACT: The Korean guy laughing named 사채업자TV who looks different right now because he does exercising (correct me if I'm wrong), and he looks healthy and skinny now. And he's still alive uploading videos, you should go there and check it out. OH, I forgot to mention one more important thing... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Posted April 6
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  • Axu
    Axu wetefek fat
    April 6
  • Xinopsis
    Xinopsis LMAO
    April 6
  • Xina
    Xina lol that guy have crisis
    April 6