"22 KILLS 0 DEATHS" | EU2 vs EU4 | Week 4 Winner's Bracket WWC 2020

Posted October 15, 2020 - 372 views
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Watch live at twitch.tv/classvp99 The Warmerise Olympics 2020 is a 3v3 tournament starting September 12th this year. This year, players will compete in an Olympic style tournament. However, unlike the real Olympics, players can form teams with others in the same continent instead of just their country. This will hopefully make it easier to form teams and connect. Teams of three players from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica will compete against each other. Each match will consist of three rounds (finals will have five rounds), two hosted by a participating member from each team. The hosting team gets to choose the map, region, and access to third person view, but the server itself will be created by a moderator. Matches will be played in Nuke Elimination mode unless the map being played has more than one single armory. In the event of a tiebreaker, the region will be chosen by the event moderators (who will try to choose the region that had the best average ping for all players over the previous two matches), and third person will be disabled. If there is a finals match tiebreaker, it will be played in regular Elimination. The server must have space for at least eight players, and set to be private, with the password being determined by the moderators. A map cannot be chosen twice in a duel, meaning that if your opponent chooses a certain map in the first match you won't be allowed to select it for the second match. The same goes for any tiebreaker rounds. Organizers: StarWarsCrazy, Vivek, Faerie, DB, Matt, Chronospectrum #warmerise #warmerisewwc #warmerisetournament2020
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