The Warmerise Review

Posted April 1 - 59 views
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This is a real thing that is happening. Music by Karl Casey, from the White Bat album:
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  • Spacetrooper
    Spacetrooper Alright
    April 2
  • Spacetrooper
    Spacetrooper Dang. Rewatched it. The ending was so good bro! I got the message now. Although you said “warmerise red versus blue” so many times lol
    April 3
  • iWeb
    iWeb Great.
    April 19
  • Kazuya
    Kazuya nice video, felt good to reminisce about the good times of the game at its peak. The game has had its inevitable downfall though, becoming obsolete as a webgl game was obvious. Hopefully some day Max decides to revive the project or have some type of stan...  more
    April 21 - 3 like this