Warmerise Legends Championship 2018 [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

Posted September 3, 2018 - 433 views
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What Is WLC: Warmerise Legends Championship 2018 (WLC18) is a 1 versus 1 (1v1) tournament, starting this October (dates to be set soon), where two players will compete against each other in a 1v1 scenario. The winner advances to the next level, leading to quarter finals, semi finals, and eventually the FINAL match. Whoever wins the final, becomes the rightful owner to the 1st Prize and moreover recieves the status of being the "Legend of Warmerise". Important Links: Play Warmerise here: https://warmerise.com/pages/RedvsBlue Visit the Official WLC thead: https://warmerise.com/forums/topic/621/warmerise-legends-championship-2018-official-thread Join the Official WLC Discord: https://discord.me/warmerise OR: https://discord.gg/8m22GUx
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