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1V1 Muevansenche, he was accusing me of hacking in courtyard server, because i kept killing him and his mates (his mates were cool with it), after a while he got out and reported me for hacks. So afterwards when i returned to that same server he was complaining about other people and then he wanted to 1v1 me. He ended up rage quitting 5 - 1.
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  • Q36378r
    Q36378r man you be giong thru it with the hacking accusing dude xD report them bach and tell your a god at the game
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  • DragonGod17
    DragonGod17 I appreciate the compliment, but i only did it to teach that kid that he isnt as good as he though he was and to stop trash talking and accusing people of hack, because since he reported me, the game is gonna keep a close eye on me and they are gonna kick...  more
    September 16, 2020