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The Custom Skin Competition 2020

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    June 13, 2020 1:39 PM PDT

    This topic is still under construction...

    Hello all and welcome to the official thread of the Custom Skin Competition! This thread will explain what the competition is about, how it will take place, what are the rules for participating in it and how can you apply to do so.

    What is the idea?

    Lately I have noticed that many players are trying to make quality skins and show them off, and I thought that making an organized competition between the players who try to show their artistic skills could be a fun event in the community.

    How will it take place?

    Participants will get each round of the competition a new concept art, such as old fashion, futuristic, drawn sketch, brutal, etc., and will be given a random amount of time, ranging from 1 hour to 96 hours. Score per skin will be given in two ways - first will be by the community, done by either polls on Warmerise and discord, or the skin ratings on store. Second will be by the organizers of the competition, hopefully in an entertaining way, maybe by skin testing gameplay, a Warmerise podcast, or other ideas.
    Top competitors (probably 40%-10% players who have got the best feedback, votes or rating) in the round will follow up to the next one and get a small prize for each round completed successfully.
    Most of the communication between the competition organizers and the participants will be via the competition group. If Max will create an event it will be on that page, and if not there would be a clan which is dedicated for that only.
    The hours each announcement will also be announced around 36 hours before the final announce. The final announce includes the concept art, the time allowance of making the skin, when the next announce of who are the winning competitors of this stage and the weapons you are allowed to use in order of making your skin. Each and every serious participant is required to be able to check the announcement around the time it is released, so he won’t waste time of skin editing.



    In order to participate in the competition, there are a few rules that need to be followed:

      • Skins need to be free on the store - in order for people to give feedback about the skin, it needs to be available for EVERYONE to use. Any skin that will be uploaded and will not be free will get taken off automatically out of the competition, even if it is in further rounds of the competition. ONLY when a player is out of the competition, or the competition is over, he can update the skin price.
      • Skins need to be in the correct form - all skins that are part of the competition need to be under a specific form of name:
        *Art Concept Title* - Competition - *Username*
        any spelling mistakes might make the competitor not be noticed, so it is very important to keep a clean skin name form.
      • Skins cannot be updated - after uploading your final skin, you will need to announce that publically on the tournament's event page. If a skin will be noticed to be updated AFTER that announcement, it will either receive a warning to recover the older version or taken off the competition altogether.
      • Teaming up is allowed - you are allowed to edit the texture together with a friend if you find it easier. Even so, if you want to do that you must announce the team-up, announce who is publishing the skin in the store and must include both usernames in the skin name. You can team up for only a single or a few rounds, but you must announce about splitting the team only AFTER a round and not during it.
      • Advertisements are not allowed – in order to make it fair for all player, even those who have only a few friends on the site and not about 500 like others, asking people for their rate, vote or help in getting a better score is forbidden. You must announce the publication of your skin ONCE on the competition page. Any beg, post, video, poll, forum topic, DM, inbox message, Discord message and other that will try advertising a skin for a better rate will cause the skin creator to get wiped out the competition.
      • CREATIVITY IS KEY!!! – the ONLY way to win in this competition is using your imagination and creativity. Skins that are being suspected for copying will most probably get lower attention, so try your best making a unique skin that no one could think of copying!


    How do I apply?

    First of all, you need to have at least 5,000 XP in order to join the competition. A player who can’t upload skins is pointless in this competition, even though we will wish him better luck in the next one.

    Secondly, you’ll need to fill this following Google Form: “form”

    After filling the form, you will be added to the list of companions and will get the announcements from the organizers.


    What prizes await the victorious?

    Not exactly sure yet about this one to be completely honest, for this moment it is very dependent on whether Max will support this idea and make a system that allows my idea or not, this will need to be discussed with a team anyhow which I still do not have.

    I think best is that there will be four to seven stages, while each stage a companion passes he gets an increasing prize.
    For example: First stage > 1000 cash > Second stage > 2000 cash > Third stage > 4000 cash > and so on…
    Also the first place will also probably get an exclusive free skin made by me for any weapon he wishes.

    If you have read this topic until here, you are probably very interested. If you intend to help me out make better rules, think of a proffesional skin scoring method, and maybe think of new ideas to spice the competition up, please message me privately (and not here)  and I'll consider every criticism!

    Thanks for reading, and I wish a successful competition :D