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5 Steps to Get Better At Warmerise

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    September 22, 2020 7:58 AM PDT

    Step 1: Don't do anything fancy just focus on your target and whatever direction your target is going in, shoot right beside them by a tiny litle gap in between your gun and your target.

    Its all in the wrist and the timing

    Step 2: Try different settings and whichever you adapt to the fastest thats the right sensitivity for you, but me personally my sensitivity is kind of over-powered at 2.46 on both mouse and aim.

    Step 3: Get used to your surroundings.

    Step 4: Don't practice with your friends 24/7. It would make things a lot easier to practice every 2 days so you can test your capabilities and figure out your flaws so the next time you practice you know what to work on and fix

    Step 5: When your gun runs out of ammo, DON'T RELOAD, pull out your melee weapon or your secondary weapon


    Thank You

    RK1nferrrrrno, And please join my new clan, Its called ~{[NXC]}~

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    September 22, 2020 8:35 AM PDT

    About Step 1, I just went in game to confirm that there's another parameter included in weapon mechanics that isn't listed in the stats of the weapons, and that's the bullet velocity. I already knew this, it's pretty obvious, but I still confirmed it. I recorded a USP and UMP firing on wall from same distance, and then recorded the time it takes for the bullet to hit the wall. Here's what I found:

    A bullet fired from UMP took 0.01 second to hit the wall. 

    A bullet from USP took 0.03 second to hit the wall

    So to add in Step 1, you need to take in account the weapon you're using. For L11A3 sniper rifle, you'll need to shoot with more distance in the direction of your target, but in case of Plasma gun (since I think it has the highest bullet velocity in this game) you'll need to shoot in a lesser distance. 


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    September 22, 2020 9:14 AM PDT

    A majority of the guns will work well if you have good aim control. (auto, sniper etc). It is based upon your movement vs your enemy's movment regardless of weapon class. it also depends on your play-style and mouse DPI (I use around 0.37, but it is based upon how you play). This game you and your enemy are able to move around pretty quickly, which means its about crosshair placement not the distance between you and your enemy. Being that you are able to move around quickly, you shouldn't stop moving as to pose as a target. Moving targets are always those that are harder to hit and stay alive longer. In both Sniper and Auto, it is the person who has better aim, shoots first, and has better control over their weapon usually wins matches. Based on both good  mental and Tactical decisions, you should be able to do pretty well in most FPS and strategy games. Its usually a good idea to practice with "pros" or players that are better than you. Overtime you will become just as good as them with a little bit of practice. 

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    September 22, 2020 9:44 AM PDT

    Y'all don't get what im trying to say all you have to do is learn the timing and your opponents strategy. I'm also saying when people are a certain distance away, the farther you will have to shoot in front of them

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    September 22, 2020 1:12 PM PDT
    You want to shoot at not in front
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    September 23, 2020 6:12 AM PDT

    You don't get it you need the timing.

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    September 23, 2020 6:56 AM PDT

    Nobody ever said it wasn't about timing

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    September 23, 2020 8:05 AM PDT

    You basically did because if your on far range with a sniper if you shoot where they are then your definitley gonna miss

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    September 23, 2020 8:34 AM PDT

    Its physics, you shoot at them and track their movment.