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    December 4, 2021 11:29 AM PST

    Centurion Clan 

    Our clan was recently created by Dispater. We are constantly on the lookout for new members. Our clan works with a particular mechanism of its own.


    How to join

    You have several ways to join. first you can get an invitation even if you haven't asked to join. You will be free to accept or cancel.
    Then any member who asks to join is asked to send a message to the leader or to the officers. But f
    irst of all you must accept the rules before joining.



    Not to be in more than 5 clans.
    Not to make enemies in our clan.                                                                                       
    Don't betray for no reason 



    Our clan is quite special Our clan is quite special. It is composed is several divisions . Each division is headed by a leader who has the power to manage his division and recruit . 




    Storm Division 

    The storm division is made up of good players with machine guns/auto guns

    Leader : RoboCop189

    Kamikaze Division

    The kamikaze division is composed of powerful players without real game mode in particular

    Leader : without 

    Chaos Division

    The chaos division is composed of very good players with the sniper and the plasmagun.

    Leader : MrGrayX 


    Poison Division 

    The poison division is made up of talented players with the melee weapons .

    Leader: Airwolf 




    Clan :

    ( note: The discord server is totally inactive and without members because all the members of the clan currently have no discord. I strongly encourage them to create an account because it is very important. )