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    May 15, 2023 3:44 PM PDT

    Bug: Volume slider sometimes disappear in the main menu

    You can't see what you're typing in chat



    Seperate get in vehicle key and pick up weapon key (so you don't accidentally swap your railrifle for a usp while trying to get in car)

    Make it easier to get off ladder




    Ladder You ----> direction you are trying to go



    Can't get off


    Make it so it's easier to get off


    Ability to change how sensitive a server is to ping. Options: low (kick if higher than 200ms), default (kick if higher than 400ms), and none (current kick or something)

    If you hit refresh on server selector screen, have it changed so if you hit it while it says refreshing, it cancels the refresh

    Also for server selector, add 2 more filter options: private? and quick play?