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    • KDR 2.0 or higher
    • Killstreak 15 or higher
    • 1000 kills in total or more
    • Registered account on HaxCrew's Forum
    • No other competetive clans, only fun clans (Retired  clans such as RK, SSNC etc are exceptions..)
    • Profile visible for friends atleast
    • Limit your clan-amount to atleast 4 including HaxCrew


    Code of Conduct

    Members of HaxCrew should at all time act within best manner against clan members as well as other players.
    We recommend our members to always act with great maturity and sportsmanship. While joking is ok, it may not be on the cost of others feelings.

    Discrimination based on gender, ethnic background, ****** orientation etc will not be tolerated.
    This will have you excluded from HaxCrew straight away without further notice.

    Offensive language used in agressive purposes directed at one person is not allowed.
    We strongly recommend all members to refrain from offensive language at all time to avoid missunderstanding.


    About HaxCrew

    HaxCrew is a multigaming clan established in 2015 by three founders; Monsterous, Swaschan & Fizz.
    HaxCrew is ment to be a multinational community where like-minded gamers can meet and enjoy a good gameplay.

    HaxCrew core values are democracy, sportsmanship & equality.
    Each member has the same right to let their voice be heard in a discussion where desitions are made by the community as one.
    Each members are equal in the term of base value.

    Due to this, HaxCrew do not have any specific ranking-system which divide our members in togroups of different importance.
    While all members are equal, we have a group of five members known as "The Council".

    The Council helps to organize the clan and work for expantion. The Council does not possess authority to make any desitions for haxCrew on their own.
    All desitions are amde via voting and discussions where all members can participate.

    The Council does have authority to vote out any member with valid reason given, without having to include other members in the discussion.

    More information about on HaxCrew's private forum.



    What games does HaxCrew supports?

    • Warmerise
    • Dirty Bomb
    • Insurgency
    • Quake Champions


    Do you want to join HaxCrew?

    HaxCrew is a "by-invitation-only" clan. This means that you may only enter via a direct invite from a Council.
    If you wish, you may send a PM to one of the Councils saying you're interested to join.

    We will then decide in a poll which will be open for 3 days, where all clan members can vote, if you may join or not.
    Please note that HaxCrew does not recruit from other clans. If you are a member of a competetive clan then you are automaticlly excluded from recruitment.

    For further questions contact a Council..







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    HaxCrew's official forum has been finnished..

    Join us here:

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