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Warmerise - 2.4.6

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    September 8, 2018 10:43 AM PDT

    Thank You Max! I love the new walking speed! And thank you for adding sprint back in!


    You are doing great, even if people don't admit the fact. Keep up the good work! 

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    September 17, 2018 9:40 AM PDT

    are you planning on separating warmerise from ball mode making it a new game? i think it would be recommended

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    October 9, 2018 2:49 PM PDT

    @Guardian But then Players that likes warmerise by Ball mode Will go that game and leave warmerise,and we will have less members.

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    October 10, 2018 1:41 PM PDT

    tell me 10 players that solely play ball mode, besides playing one does not mean you can't play the other

    Personally i'd polish and improve ballmode and launch it on cellphone, that way max has a money maker there