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Warmerise Legends Championship 2018 [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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    October 8, 2018 2:14 PM PDT





    Warmerise Legends Championship is a 1v1 tournament starting at October 27th this year. 

    In this competition 32 players will be drafted from the total number of applicants and will compete against each other to set, once and for all, who is worthy to be called a Warmerise Legend!

    Games will happen on Fridays and Saturdays and will be streamed Live on YouTube.

    check out DeathBringer's video on the subject


    If you are interested make sure to read the information bellow carefully.



    Each duel will consist of 2 matches, hosted by participating players. The player hosting the server gets to choose the map region and access (or lack thereof) to Third Person View.



    The server must have space for at least 6 players, must be in Elimination mode and set to be Private, with the password being previously determined by the moderators. A map cannot be chosen twice in a duel meaning that if your opponent chooses a certain map in the first match you won't be allowed to select it for the second match. 



    Available Maps: Secret Lab; Dustland; Bunker; Area56; Skygates



    1) The time at which the match will begin will be determined by the participating players, no further alterations will be made afterwards
    2) If 10 minutes passed after the match started and a contestant is not present, they will be disqualified, same rule applies to both players not being present. It is advised to check in before the match begins and wait
    3) Leaving the match once it has started implies forfeiting that game, however, it doesn't have any effect on the second round
    4) Moderators' instructions are to be followed at all times
    5) Any use of hacking/cheating, glitches and exploits will result in a disqualification and a report to the Dev
    6) Upon joining the server remain in Spectator Mode until Moderators tell you to join the teams, never spam the chats and avoid making unnecessary comments/remarks
    7) If the Moderators join teams in the middle of a round that round is considered a "No Kill", which means you can't kill your opponent (and vice-versa), the restriction is lifted once that round ends (meaning that the next round is a normal "Kill" round)
    -Players will enter in the team in-between rounds
    8) Once the match ends, Join Spectator Mode and await further instructions from the moderators
    9) All Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons and Melee Weapons are permitted
    10) As for Additional Items, only Plasma Grenades are allowed EDIT: mines will be allowed
    11) Suit Upgrades are allowed
    12) Ignoring/not being aware of the rules is not an excuse to break them, and it won't protect you from punishment
    13) Be aware to use the chat on a correct way, you can talk with your opponent and even swear, although advice to: spam, excessive swearing, personal or racist attacks, or any sort of excessively inappropriate speech - mods will warn you and if you don't comply with an attitude change you will lose the match for forfeit, possible disqualification
    14) If your ping is too high and is affecting gameplay you'll be warned and given a chance to try and correct it, in extreme cases, the lagging player will automatically lose the match
    15) Multi-accounting is not tolerated
    16) Full use of the armory spot is allowed
    If you have any questions or don't fully understand the rules feel free to send me a private message, keep your eyes on this forum as well, the rules are subject to change and minor tweaks might be made.
    Prizes will be awarded in Cash, unlike last year's WWC2k17 (Warmerise World Championship 2018), this year's WLC will award cash to all the players taking part in it (Cash values will vary of course)
    NOTE: Imagine you reach to the final 8 players, you'll receive 5.000xp + 1.000xp + 500xp = 6.500xp
    If you wish to participate in the tournament send me an application by following the guidelines listed below. Applications are only accepted through PM (Private Messages). Send me a friend request, wait for me to accept it, and then send me a private message with the following information:
    - Age
    - Country
    - Languages you speak
    - Preferred region (Europe, Asia etc)
    Do not post in this forum topic! We only accept applications through private messages, all applications posted here will be ignored
    Note that this information will be kept private and is only used by us.
    * Also note that lying will do you more harm than benefit *
    If you attempted to apply through this forum topic (and got ignored, obviously) try following the proper instructions for applying listed above.
    -The final draft will be done on the 20th of October, the 32 lucky ones will receive a message confirming their participation in the tournament.

    If you wish to join the Warmerise Discord's community here's a link->

    If you wish to patreon (monetary help) or help the deving team in any other way send me a message either through warmerise or discord






    ~the Warmerise Legends Tournament Deving staff
    ~Special thanks to the entire community and to those who also directly made this possible
    ~Seth's work











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    November 13, 2018 10:30 AM PST




    Loss by forfeit

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    November 13, 2018 11:29 AM PST


    Edite Note

    Hepokot vs Imhotep has been moved to 13:00 UTC+0

    ITTEC vs Bulletz4Breakfast has been moved to 18:00 UTC+0


    warning for the participants: Make sure to check on the event page the countdown for your match to keep up to how much time its left for your match

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    November 15, 2018 5:30 AM PST

    If you need assistance or have any doubt with the tournament contact me through discord

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    December 2, 2020 5:50 AM PST

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