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  • {[DARKNESS COMP.]} Pro
  • DarknessCompany [DC]clan created since 2014 in call of mini infinity(triniti interactive limited company)by God[My old name]
    This clan have some recruiting members rule
    -No toxic
    -Kdr0.80+(No exception cuz I plan to go with 1.00+)...  more
    • XURGERY (XurgeonOfIdioxyncratic[TheCreator])
    • ARTICUNO (TheIceScatter[TheIceGuard])
    • AIRFOXX (UntouchableFox[AirController])
    • UnveIled (DarkessGray[FriendlyTester])
    • 709 total views
    • 24 total members
    • Last updated December 28, 2021
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