• 9 members led by Notoryus
    We are gods playing with mortals, from the VALLHALA.

    Requeriments to join:
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  • 10 members led by khaled26112005
    Only for pros

    ...  more
  • 22 members led by IMeNTaGoR
    We Are A Single Family
  • 21 members led by VNtphcm
    This is a majestic confident family, determined to win( if you are a loser but it's okay the era of creating heroes So do your best and bring glory to team

    not limited to people player

    Thank you for reading
  • 20 members led by LeGenDs
    We are brave and strong.We always fight.We do not run away.This clan is just for pros.

    Biz cesur ve güçlüyüz her zaman savaşırız kaçmayız.Bu klan sadece profesyoneller içindir.

    R2- KDR M...  more
  • 26 members led by jette
    wir siend die besten
  • 25 members led by ww3wonthappen
    You don't have to be the best to join this clan.
    However, we still strive for Greatness. When joining this clan, you must accept and learn to adapt to it's specific playing style as a Team, or as a Team-oriented effort (for this game) : ), and don't forg...  more
  • 9 members led by Takumi
    to join this clan you need to have ...
    -KDR 2.00+
    -Highest Killstreak 45+
    -You should shoot well with sniper weapons...  more
  • 36 members led by Sc3Killer7673
    Anyone who wants to be cool in dis game JOIN!
    We all wanna be dope and OP in this game, don't we?
  • 43 members led by zuna
    KDR FROM 1.00
    rank from all
    who wants to join must first make 1vs1 and pass
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