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    August 11, 2020

    Hello! Welcome to ~ThePhantomTroupe~ these are some rules and requirements.


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    November 5, 2020

    Guys there is a new bank for the clan that will be open for use next week.

    to make a donation please friend request the account and once your request is accepted then you can make a donation.

    for those of you who want some cash from the bank the limit that can be given depends on your credits but if you want to make a loan then you'll have you build credits with the bank.

    How to build credits: you can build credit by loaning small amounts of money and returning the money by the scheduled date after you make an "on time return" you will be given 50 credit points  the higher your credit points the more you can borrow from the bank

    However if you miss returning the money you borrowed plus 1% interest then your credit points go down by 100 points and you will not be able to borrow from the bank for a month and your interest goes up by 10% per week so the longer you dont pay the more you have to pay.

    (Note: you start without credit points to start loaning you must have at least 250 credits)

    you can donate to build credit also the points you earn to cash ratio is:
    2 cash = 1 credit

    How to request a free amount of cash without loaning:

    step 1: message the banking account.

    step 2: wait for your account to be reveiwed for elegebility.

    step 3: wait to resiceve your cash (if you didnt quaifly then you will be told so by the banker).


    if you want a free and clear lump of cash then you have to:

    1: have less than 5k

    2: must have at least 200 credits

    3: must have less than 40k in purchased weapons

    4: must be less than rank 1500

    steps to aply for a loan:


    step 1: message the banker asking for a loan.


    step 2: if you have eough credits then you will be told how much you are able to loan.


    step 3: select the amount you wish to loan.


    step 4: the teller will give you a date which you will be due to pay the loan plus 10% intreste



    note: the bank must have 50k before being fully operational.

    donations are:

    -giving money to the bank.

    -posting ORIGINAL artworks for the clan and/or members.

    -making free skins for the clan.


    this is the official bank page: https://warmerise.com/profile/ThePhantomTroupe1Bank

    only i will have control of the bank but i can't use it for myself.

    (if you want to buy a officer role then you must pay 10k to the bank but this purchase will not give you credits.)

    all traffic through the bank is monitored by me and by me only to ensure that the money is not stolen or unfairly distributed.

      Thank you for your time and i hope the Troupe will prosper greatly form this new bank.