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carbine and RPG

Should I buy carbine or RPG first
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  • Cubby
    Cubby well. It depends. You should choose the weapon that suites what kinds of maps you play and how. on one hand the carbine is a very reliable machine gun that can take out most enemies if you are accurate. On the other, the RPG does splash damage and can wip...  more
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  • xHinata
    xHinata With rpg you have to hit and sometimes, others can go some steps to right for example, so they dont get damage and you have only 3 shots, but with carabine the chance that you kill your enemy is very high. I think you could buy rpg too but only when you h...  more
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  • xHinata
    xHinata I want to buy blast gun, but what you buy is your own choose.
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    XURGERY Carbine best for farm
    September 28