Posted by RUSLANAZERI October 4 - 18 votes - 40 views
    I am recording.
  • Penn

    Who win?

    Posted by Penn October 4 - 47 votes - 80 views
    All my best friends are here, who do you think is the strongest in using snipe ?
  • wiwher

    Types of guns poll

    Posted by wiwher October 4 - 6 votes - 21 views
    What type of guns do you prefer?
  • CommunistCyborg

    Do you dislike punisher26david?

    Posted by CommunistCyborg October 4 - 12 votes - 48 views
    He: Is annoying and toxic laughed at the players that weren't toxic at all T-bagged me and other users kept targeting me and others tr4sh talked about me and others leaves servers to avoid being kicked out trolls people mocks people with t-bagging and more starts the fight Alright so I have enough reasons for the w0rst player ever so you may vote it!
  • <i>Deleted Member</i>

    are you miss me

    Posted by Deleted Member October 3 - 17 votes - 37 views
    just wondering ;>
  • Nathastela


    Posted by Nathastela October 3 - 14 votes - 37 views
    stop it, wake up soldier, this is a battlefield ya fuckkin bloke. We're fighting the bloody North Koreans, they finally did it mate, finally nuked 'stralia. We oughta whoop their assses like we're an army of roos I reckon mate.

    who is the best farmer ?

    Posted by KAZOURICHUU October 3 - 72 votes - 97 views
    who is the best farmer ?
  • leandroPRO

    Ahorro para la...

    Posted by leandroPRO October 3 - 13 votes - 19 views
    Ahorro para la ... ayuda con esto JAJA
  • Emanuel1232

    Witch games is the best

    Posted by Emanuel1232 October 3 - 11 votes - 24 views
    What games you think is the best
  • WarklooN

    if there was 1v1 who win

    Posted by WarklooN October 3 - 32 votes - 58 views
    who is a pro dog