• auu0000

    I think it in morning.

    Posted by auu0000 January 26 - 11 votes - 7 views
    Who need that max a.v. create a another new shotgun .
  • Cadenl2

    weapons for me to get

    Posted by Cadenl2 January 26 - 12 votes - 17 views
    what weapon should I get?

    3rd World War

    Posted by TERMINATOR1000 January 25 - 25 votes - 30 views
    Do you think it would be possible that there will be 3rd World War? I think it's possible, because nationalism rises just like before 2nd World War and and the rise of populist parties. I think that World War III would begin around 2050 and would end nuclear destruction. However, this is my opinion and there is only a small chance of war.
  • xForZen

    This /Comic/* Clan Is Fake?

    Posted by xForZen January 25 - 44 votes - 151 views
    So some people told me this clan ''Cosmic'' is fake is it true?
  • beeice1526

    Which Gun Strikes the Most Fear Into You?

    Posted by beeice1526 January 25 - 26 votes - 25 views
    A poll about which gun gives your heart a little jump and gets it pumping faster in game. What gun scares you the most in-game when you see it being played on the opposite team?
  • Boletusam

    what should the server name be?

    Posted by Boletusam January 24 - 9 votes - 8 views
    there are no wrong answers (lol)
  • alex023268874

    Warmerise vs Fortnite

    Posted by alex023268874 January 24 - 17 votes - 17 views
    Warmerise or Fortnite?
  • beeice1526

    New gun!

    Posted by beeice1526 January 23 - 20 votes - 21 views
    I bought the LSMG3, what gun should I buy next?!
  • ToonYoshi

    Am I Derpy?!

    Posted by ToonYoshi January 23 - 37 votes - 19 views
    Yo peoples! I gotta ask, am I derpy? And for those that do not know what derpy means, it means this: Foolish, silly or stupid. Or am I just normal guy that is addicted to Yoshi things?! You pick! :D
  • Lewiczyn57


    Posted by Lewiczyn57 January 23 - 2 votes - 1 view
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