• AKOBAD1234

    help me with send *****

    Posted by AKOBAD1234 14 minutes ago - 2 votes - 0 views
    can you send me ***** i am poor andi need to upgrade my weapons .add me friend to talk
  • praveersingh


    Posted by praveersingh 4 hours ago - 17 votes - 13 views
    Should I make my profile private
  • hgfhegfh

    Am I Good At Knife?

    Posted by hgfhegfh 5 hours ago - 6 votes - 7 views
    Am I Good At Knife?
  • BORAX80


    Posted by BORAX80 Mon at 4:13 PM - 4 votes - 25 views
    Hello i'm B O R A X 8 0 and i ask if you can please find a way to make it so that its easier to make ***** and to make maps its just to complicated to create one so if anyone agrees this is the poll to look at. so once more please make it easier to do both...bye and thank you
  • FoxxieUwU

    Plz I need *** for kanta kife

    Posted by FoxxieUwU Mon at 6:02 AM - 19 votes - 47 views
    plz add me as a frenid so i can tlak to you about this UwU~
  • jellybellyboomgb

    what should i buy?

    Posted by jellybellyboomgb Mon at 1:06 AM - 18 votes - 51 views
    gravity gun or plasma gun
  • ou1239766

    carbine and RPG

    Posted by ou1239766 September 19 - 52 votes - 43 views
    Should I buy carbine or RPG first
  • BORAX80


    Posted by BORAX80 September 19 - 7 votes - 37 views
    Vehicles. There isn't many of them. Shouldn't they add more? Well, let me tell you, they should add tanks, ospray helicopters, and patrol boats for water. I ain't finished. For the tanks there should be 3 crew: A cannon gunner, a driver, and the machine gun gunner. For the ospray helicopter, you should be able to fly it for free and have 2/3/4 others sit inside it with you (like a drop-ship). Boa
  • Jafa


    Posted by Jafa September 19 - 10 votes - 35 views
    did you see me in the game?
  • shirleyone31472

    i need xp

    Posted by shirleyone31472 September 19 - 9 votes - 33 views
    pls give me xp for my yt chanel