• Samu

    End off Warmerise

    Posted by Samu 27 minutes ago - 1 vote - 0 views
    Hi every one, i was back again in the game for the Old times. So i Notice the amout off players using the Cheat Engine for no recoil and gravity. Like Player 645 no acount and all the guns? teleporting infinty times and the map was created fresh...no wounder The best player ever from warmerise Trollface is gone....ist over. the hacks are more big that "Forsaken" had in CS. I old too for u Bunch O
  • xMohit

    should i leave this game

    Posted by xMohit 2 hours ago - 3 votes - 20 views
    pls tll me
  • EpicTr0ll

    Better screen forger duo?

    Posted by EpicTr0ll Sat at 12:58 PM - 13 votes - 30 views
    Who created better fake screens to cover for the lack of their skill?
  • seva12

    Please experience

    Posted by seva12 Sat at 5:53 AM - 3 votes - 20 views
    Помогите накопить на gravitygun
  • seva12

    need experience

    Posted by seva12 Sat at 1:10 AM - 3 votes - 0 views
    I need experience to buy a gravel cannon. Throw an application to friends, I will accept it and you will send me as much experience as you want
  • Brotan228


    Posted by Brotan228 Sat at 1:08 AM - 8 votes - 10 views
  • JARO


    Posted by JARO Fri at 6:32 AM - 10 votes - 40 views
    Are rusher osman an Hotpotts the same person?

    If Not, Why Not...

    Posted by JAYDENVANWYK Wed at 11:36 PM - 4 votes - 30 views
    If Warmerise cant be played on a console, such as a Playstation or Xbox. Why not program it to work on these consoles...Think about it...
  • Jerry6Us

    who is better

    Posted by Jerry6Us Wed at 10:41 AM - 9 votes - 40 views
    who is better and who is the future
  • Thanos999

    Vocês querem que eu volto a jogar ?

    Posted by Thanos999 Wed at 7:55 AM - 15 votes - 0 views
    se voces querem que volte ou nao vote agora !!