Posted by BADGERLORD 5 hours ago - 6 votes - 8 views
    I think there should be a map that is ONLY snipers. Like the sniper Only map from the last version but with blocks for gravity gun. What do you guys think?
  • RandomGuy

    What Next???

    Posted by RandomGuy Thu at 4:45 PM - 21 votes - 8 views
    I have 25k cash but idk what to use it on?? I have Carbine,Plasma,LSMG3,Mini-G,Revolver,RPG,GravityGun,CPW
  • gabrielluz

    G36 or CARABINE

    Posted by gabrielluz Thu at 12:42 PM - 6 votes - 13 views
    what is better plzz ;-;
  • Falcon001

    Warmerise Plasma or RailRifle

    Posted by Falcon001 Thu at 9:44 AM - 17 votes - 13 views
    Weapons Power
  • shish3


    Posted by shish3 Wed at 9:14 AM - 16 votes - 12 views
    Whatt i should buy?
  • f22man

    when will someone do somthing

    Posted by f22man Wed at 6:19 AM - 4 votes - 9 views
    Dogeheh was hacked its my account i made it and i ******* want it back so when will someone do somthing
  • mrnoodle101

    Shield or No Shield?

    Posted by mrnoodle101 Tue at 11:36 AM - 10 votes - 14 views
    I know that it's not worth it to buy the shield and use it every day, but I still wanna know: Shield, good or bad?
  • Sun69

    What i wiil buy

    Posted by Sun69 Tue at 3:17 AM - 17 votes - 5 views
    Hey guys, i have the carbine and i don't know what i wiil buy.
  • Alpha1022

    What is the best free weapon?

    Posted by Alpha1022 Mon at 2:04 PM - 8 votes - 16 views
    Can someone (@DeltaElite or @Ardoyne) tell me what free Weapon is best?
  • StarWarsCrazy

    Poll 60: Clan or Cape Closed

    Posted by StarWarsCrazy Mon at 11:55 AM - 17 votes - 9 views
    Read the title, no explanation needed.