• TallSick3

    Should I buy the plasma gun or gravity gun?

    Posted by TallSick3 6 hours ago - 5 votes - 4 views
    Should I get the plasma gun or should I get the gravity gun or should I save up more
  • comandoXpro

    Should I buy the plasmagun?

    Posted by comandoXpro April 21 - 12 votes - 9 views
    ┬┐deberia comprarme la plasmagun? - Should I buy the plasmagun? ### Comenten ###
  • wiwher

    New game modes for warmerise?

    Posted by wiwher April 21 - 8 votes - 8 views
    Modes included:Capture the flag,zombies mode,domain,battle royale,all against all...


    Posted by STERBEN99 April 20 - 41 votes - 24 views
    give humvee drivers a xp compensation (1 or 2 xp) when the gunner gets a kill. this would reward team play and the usage of humvee as mobile machi guns rather than batterin rams
  • zPurgE

    Should i make a clan? Give me clan names in comments!

    Posted by zPurgE April 20 - 9 votes - 12 views
    Do you think it would be a good idea for me to make a clan?
  • minecraftkubas

    Buy Rali Rifle?

    Posted by minecraftkubas April 20 - 12 votes - 17 views
    Buy Rali Rifle?
  • FOX555

    Daily Reward?

    Posted by FOX555 April 20 - 15 votes - 20 views
    Do you think there should be a daily reward? Maybe 100 cash for your first game of the day for those players who struggle to get kills? I've seen alot of people asking for cash, or finishing a match with like 3kills/20deaths (rip) So do you think a daily reward would be a good idea. Even if its just given out to players that have low kdr or rank? (below 1.0 or below 1000rank
  • Holocaustsurvivor

    is it worth purchasing $?

    Posted by Holocaustsurvivor April 18 - 9 votes - 19 views
    Should I purchase Warmerise $ to buy new weapons and upgrades and destroy everybody?
  • beeice1526

    New Guns!

    Posted by beeice1526 April 17 - 23 votes - 26 views
    Hey everyone! I'm just curious, if Max were to add a new gun for us less wealthy players, what would you want?!
  • skytronix

    Should I make a Lego 69' camaro?

    Posted by skytronix April 17 - 10 votes - 10 views
    As it is the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, I was debating doing one in Lego. What do you think i should do?