• 8 members led by Pantera
    - Reglas | Rules
    ¡Nunca llorar! ¡Never cry!
    Jugar y dar lo máximo. El clan representa fuerza, resistencia y valentía.
    Play and give your best. The clan represents strength, endurance and courage.

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  • 13 members led by Zerra
    You win some, you lose some, but it dosen't mean it's over.

    • Rules:
    - Respect other players\clans.
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  • 7 members led by AmazingKiller
    In this group you cannot ask for money and clan mates may not argue with each other or they will get kicked from the clan.And not everyone will be accepted in to this clan.We mostly want pros in this group.
  • 4 members led by Syriana
    Only Sniper Clan Founder:Syriana and xYezh
  • 4 members led by killercow
    Just Mines and Run ppl.

    Founded 11/06/19

    Our Goal here is to tick as many people off as possible.
  • 16 members led by Superhuman
    If you pro you join. We envy and destroy the members that we dislike. JOIN IF YOU ARE PRO

    2.6 KDR and above
    40+ killstreak
  • 10 members led by Soretive
    -If you want our clan, you must be a professional sniper.
    - Only 4 clans

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  • 7 members led by PasingNea
    El clan pro, según yo xd
  • 75 members led by Jrxkylerpi
    For fun
    Multiclanning is allowed
  • 9 members led by JoseContre11
    King of Snipers

    Requirements to join:
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