• 4 members led by Hector90
    solo para pro t para valientes
  • 2 members led by TotallyaMistake
    We are the main division of legionnaire,only Legionnaire champions and officers can join this clan please do not send a request if you are not in the three other divisions of this clan.Thank you for reading have a nice day.
  • 15 members led by badman34
    This is a clan for pros and people who enjoy melee. Join this brotherhood and become among the best melee fighters out there. Together we train, fight and win!

    - You must have kdr 1.6 +
    - You must be good at melee...  more
  • 7 members led by MisTrzUu
    KDR: 1.50+ |
    Killstreak: 15+ |
    Rank: 1-1000+ |
  • 6 members led by XxRainDropxX
    ---[Only for Pros]---

    [KDR:1.70 And Above Only]
    [Rank :1- 400 ]
    [KillstreaK :20+]
  • 3 members led by jackmann
  • 13 members led by GradYanarOvic
  • 18 members led by Dectrox

    Requisitos: ...  more
  • 7 members led by TheProGamer
    Only professional players :

    Solo profesionales
    ...  more
  • 1 member led by Dectrox
    ☣Clan para ALIENS asesinos☣
    ☣Clan for murderous ALIENS☣

    Requisi...  more