Clan/Group Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Clan Names or Profile Pictures
- No Copying other Clan Names (This includes a misspelled version which pronounces the same), Description or Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating/editing the clan to avoid conflicts.
  • 13 members led by Wolfseeker
  • 18 members led by Conqueror151
    Hi this is a good clan join the conquerors and have fun!!
    1. Everyone can join, this clan should be famous thats why
    be good with the other conquerors and have fun and have a good day...  more
  • 27 members led by ShadowMaster895
    We show no mercy, we are strong and bold enough to face anyone.
    Must be a pro either with sniper or auto
    Kdr required: 1.00 - 1.80
    ALLIED CLANS:...  more
  • 41 members led by whynot94
    We are Hidden Ghosts that approach our enemies without letting them know. It's a secret you won't figure out unless you join us. From now on, everyone that isn't in our clan will be in danger, and don't blame anyone but yourself. Prepare yourself to the n...  more
  • 16 members led by Skeppyboy
    Anime :)
  • 19 members led by xKittyx
    We Are Cat WarriorZ :D We Show No Mercy We Sneak Up On Other Players We Fight To The Death :D
  • 30 members led by vhgarcia3
    This clan is for people who are good with snipers, all people who request to join SHOULD NOT BE TOXIC, should not make fun of people.
    All players are going to help each other and their gonna help each other to be a PRO IN Sniping

    A note for people who bu...  more
  • 7 members led by Gaara81112
    Anyone can join!

    We will disintegrate our enemies to ASHES! And if they strike first we will be reborn from our ASHES!

  • 32 members led by xPhYsiC
    Everybody in the world knows i'm a little twisted...
  • 3 members led by xPanda