• 2 members led by ITTECH
  • 3 members led by AmazingKiller
  • 2 members led by TotallyaMistake
    We are the legionnaires we only accept professionals we don't accept noobs and idiots to the clan,don't even send a request if your not good enough.kdr must be 2.5 above rank under 400 and please no multiclanning. more
  • 5 members led by Sun69
    Only Best.
  • 15 members led by punifeo
    solo jugadores profesionales
  • 6 members led by BlueKing69
    Only professionals Requires a 2.00 KDR
  • 14 members led by Hellforce
    ☠ Only professionals ☠
  • 13 members led by LaserROBOT
  • 25 members led by T567bigmj
    I'm your leader T5 this clan is all about fun and pros :vv and getting better
  • 37 members led by jackmann
    (peace between capes)

    You need a kdr of 1.5 to become a Spartan and to rank up after that you need to defeat me in a 1v1 melee battle in the fointin at base.If you beat me you get 1000 credits
    and if you have a cape other clan members wont shoot you if ...  more