• 14 members led by brexione12
    I welcome people with a
    *sense of humor

    *Confidence ...  more
  • 117 members led by Dyscret
    At Ultimate, we focus on teamwork and performance.

    ✓ Free-to-join
    ✓ Multi-clanning is okay
    ✓ N...  more
  • 22 members led by ViSago
    This group is mainly for players who are not actively playing the game anymore and consider themselves as "retired" players.
    I will accept everyone who really was active and/or joined the game at least 5 months ago. The reason being i...  more
  • 155 members led by hellcat
    We are loyal we are strong we Are the
    Royal Guard clan is free to join
    Requirements for officer
    KDR: 1.05...  more
  • 16 members led by FireZorro
    KDR: 1.50
    Rank: -1000
    Highest Killstreak: +30...  more
  • 29 members led by alex023268874
    This clan accept only pros

    Not attack clans:Knights templar...  more
  • 26 members led by JARO
  • 8 members led by OptimusPrime19
    Rate Me Five Stars is a Vietnamese PUBG team
  • 5 members led by KingOfMan
    The Hashashins. Officially a inactive clan. Membership requests are accepted. Only expert players and loyal players membership requests will be accepted.
  • 3 members led by Tiberius
    SPQR: Senātus Populusque Rōmānus.

    Nos caracterizamos como un imperio poderoso, de grandes gladiadores y guerreros de élite, mas que una legión somos una hermandad donde la lealtad y confianza predomine en cada uno de nuestras fuerzas especiales que confo...  more