• 67 members led by xAlphax
    It's important to know that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness. It actually shows that you have a lot of courage and are willing to stand up for yourself.

    Required Features:
    - Only if you are brave...  more
  • 18 members led by Zerra
    You win some, you lose some, but it dosen't mean it's over.

    • Rules:
    - Respect other players\clans.
    -...  more
  • 7 members led by xFaciaqx
    For sniper kings only!
    Founded 2019
  • 27 members led by xYuki
    Founded 11/06/19
    Officially inactive clan.
    Anyone can join.
  • 19 members led by Superhuman
    If you pro you join. We envy and destroy the members that we dislike. JOIN IF YOU ARE PRO

    2.6 KDR and above
    40+ killstreak
  • 4 members led by Imsety
    We're not cheating, we're just shooting in the head and killing.
  • 6 members led by PasingNea
    El clan pro, según yo xd
  • 119 members led by Jrxkylerpi
    For fun
    Multiclanning is allowed
  • 8 members led by JoseContre11
    King of Snipers

    Requirements to join:
    KDR: +2.00...  more
  • 46 members led by Macskelek