• 6 members led by Dogforever
    For Sky players ------
  • 8 members led by FireZorro
    -SkyTrooper Suit
    -KDr: 2.00
    -KillStreak: +50...  more
  • 8 members led by minhkhoigamingvn159
    we call it substance :D
    (This is a group mainly for VN but if you are not Vietnam then you are just a very normal member outside of Vietnam= In general/ foreigners outside Vietnam will not be given a position)
  • 4 members led by Emerrald
    You Win Some, You Lose Some, But that doesn't mean it's over.

    Founded by Vio. Always & Forever.
  • 8 members led by iZyQs
    Kdr : 2+
    Clan ranking
  • 16 members led by RoyalChallenger7
    Supreme Snipers...

    Only good sniper players are accepted in here.....
    ...  more
  • 27 members led by Yuman111
    We are RONIN
  • 6 members led by Dyscret
    We kill when we cough.

    KDR 2+ / RANK min. 3000 / XP 10,000+
  • 4 members led by Programmer
    KDR MUST BE +3
    RANK +500
  • 36 members led by Steellac
    Hey ! Clan Français pour la détente ! La Bisounours est une Team sympa ^^

    Hum.. Encore une dernière chose, "Never Say Never".

    I|I La Bisounours I|I : Créé le 20/11/19 à 14:49 en France.