• 33 members led by Playerkill96Patriota
    ---| Wymagania |]---
    ~ ranking 1500 max !!!!
    ~ nie więcej niż 3 klany
    ~ lojalni aktywni członkowie
    ~ kdr 1,50+
  • 10 members led by blackgamer01
  • 25 members led by Vio
  • 8 members led by TabuTcu
  • 33 members led by Superhuman
    If ur pro then join
    KDR must be above 2.8
    40+ killstreak
  • 10 members led by lowbro11
    if u like to kill people behind their back then join this clan :)
    note, please show this clan tag if you are playing
  • 13 members led by chunk
    This is the clan your mother would be proud to find you in.
  • 65 members led by Bassen007
    this is a clan where you all can have fun :D
  • 11 members led by MISSIONKILLII
    The NexGen Academy Warriors. One for All and All for one. We fight for glory, passion and integrity....and dem coins.
    ~rank 1500+
    ~no more than 3 clans...  more
  • 14 members led by leozayer1
    un clan con un solo proposito
    ser los mejores
    rank:1000 o mas
    kdr:1.5...  more