• 2 members led by fire131
    You are a Gladiator ? Welcome in this clan
    KDR: 2.50
    Killstreak: 30-60

    Top: +300
  • 4 members led by HADI
    We are Predator Army.
    Looking for Preys.

  • 11 members led by ZProArtizzz
    +1.50 KDR
  • 17 members led by Dragon50005
    Only greek players can join-or-friends
  • 9 members led by xPsycho
    Only for Popos.
  • 17 members led by BlackFlame
    We are LEGENDA
  • 8 members led by Deadkill
    Cut that sht, cu.nt
  • 40 members led by xAlphax
    It's important to know that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness. It actually shows that you have a lot of courage and are willing to stand up for yourself.

    Required Features:
    - Only if you are brave...  more
  • 12 members led by Pantera
    - Reglas | Rules
    ¡Nunca llorar! ¡Never cry!
    Jugar y dar lo máximo. El clan representa fuerza, resistencia y valentía.
    Play and give your best. The clan represents strength, endurance and courage.

    - ...  more
  • 23 members led by Zerra
    You win some, you lose some, but it dosen't mean it's over.

    • Rules:
    - Respect other players\clans.
    -...  more