Clan Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Clan Name, Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Clan Names, Profile Pictures or Descriptions
- No Copying / Impersonating other Clan Names, Descriptions or Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating/editing the clan, to avoid conflicts. Clans that repeatedly break the rules will be removed.
  • 37 members led by Jin
    | Welcome to Team Merciless |

    | Not the torturer's will, nor the body's final fall, nor the barrels of death's rifles, nor the shadows on the wall, nor the night, but the merciless, unfeeling world's blind indifference. |...  more
  • 9 members led by Force123
    If your a beast join this clan its made for you Beasts tear apart their enemies they defeat them in no time your the Beast join to be a part of it

    ...  more
  • 15 members led by Sergeantmajor
    Feel free to join but know that if I get a report of toxic talking or dull behavior you will be banned from the group for 3 weeks. Know that you have a family here and that if you need help we can help you.
  • Mr.

    31 members led by Meke
    Sin requisitos/ no requirements
    Somos una familia todos vamos a mejorar poco a poco
    We are a family we are all going to improve little by little
  • 9 members led by GhostOfDeath
  • 4 members led by Force123
    Don't be toxic
  • 1 member led by anime4
    we don't take anyone who doesn't know how to play we are the (DARKLIFE) we only take that know how to play.
  • 34 members led by DeltaElite16
    I accept all member who join in my clan
    Don't be toxic
    Clan war was later
    i dont have an officer
  • 17 members led by XMBPS3
    -Este Clan es para jugadores fuertes
    de parte de mi amigo BadBuny estamos asien renacer el clan!
    -KDR 1.20+...  more
  • 24 members led by Beacher
    This is for fun clan
    If you think you are pro
    tell me
    I will test you :) ...  more