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    We are legionnaire we are a brotherhood,we are stronger together than we are alone we do not leave our brothers in battle, we honor and respect those who have fallen for our cause.We will fight until we succeed we do not give up,come brother join us on ou...  more
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    Knifer's Creed founded August 12th,2018

    We are the knifer's Creed we are loyal to the knife we are brave,honorable and well disciplined.We respect our enemies even in war,we believe all should be treated equally and respected if you are a fellow knifer p...  more
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    KDR: 1.50+ |
    Killstreak: 15+ |
    Rank: 1-1000+ |
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    ----[Only For Pros]----
    We Are Ready To Stole Your Glory!

    [KDR:2.00 And Above Only]...  more
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    ☣RANK (1 - 3000)☣
    ☣XP (2000 +)☣
    ☣KiLLSTREAK (10 +)☣

    HORA DE MA...  more
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    Welcome to Carbine Bros! We enjoy the Carbine or any other autofire weapon! You MUST have Carbine to be allowed in here. Multiclanning is allowed. Lets show that we are a strong clan and get those kills!
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    For the mightiest of them all