• 3 members led by jackmann
  • 13 members led by BOOTY
    ☠Only trained PROFESSIONALS☠
  • 20 members led by xRookie
  • 25 members led by Dectrox
  • 21 members led by Dectrox
  • 28 members led by ToonYoshi
    Welcome to Carbine Bros! We enjoy the Carbine or any other autofire weapon! You MUST have Carbine to be allowed in here. Multiclanning is allowed. Lets show that we are a strong clan and get those kills!
  • 26 members led by Get360Noscoped
    For the mightiest of them all
  • 141 members led by ToonBirdo
    A fun clan led by ToonBirdo. Anyone welcome!
  • 14 members led by Hellforce
    Klanımızda yeri geldi bazılarını adam ettik, yeri geldi bazılarını sıfırla çarptık yok ettik.

    Biz kimseye klanımıza gelsin diye soytarılık yapmayız… Ya gelir bildiği gibi, ya gider geldiği gibi.
  • 32 members led by Kronovi
    This is a BallMode league by the players for the players, it will help not only promote ballmode amoung the community but as well to implement a competitive style to it while at the same time helping them to do more frequent and fun games. If you're a bal...  more