Clan/Group Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating or editing the clan to avoid it getting deleted.
  • 23 members led by supernatural76impala
    This is an Asian/English clan. All members are welcome as long as you have discord and know one of these languages, multiclanning is allowed.
  • 3 members led by Irima
    For 12 players
    - Plasma Or Sniper Main
    - 1v1 against UpperMoon to Join
  • 3 members led by pipipi
    KDR, clan ranking and kill-streaks do not matter to us. We only seek skill, determination and Brotherhood.

    Status: Active.
  • 9 members led by Akane
    *Clan Ranking*
  • 8 members led by xAzerty
    Only for Elite of Elite

    For join Win a 1 v 1 with me
  • 42 members led by Superhuman
    Anyone who thinks they are good can join.
    No killstreaks just anyone.
  • 13 members led by Kazmii
  • 85 members led by Xaroy
    Only for professionals
  • 16 members led by BlueToonYoshi
    We are The Beam Team! We are Pros with the PlasmaGun, RailRifle, GravityGun, or LSMG3! You MUST have at least ONE of the mentioned weapons to be able to join in here!
  • 22 members led by xFarerZest
    We are pros.We are Brave And we are Strong. We Fight not run.You must have atleast 3 weapons to join.You Must have 2.8 kdr or higher unless ur top 100.