Clan Rules:

- No Personal Attacks (In Clan Name, Description or Profile Picture)
- No Inappropriate Clan Names, Profile Pictures or Descriptions
- No Copying / Impersonating other Clan Names, Descriptions or Profile Pictures
- No Trolling

Please keep in mind those rules when creating/editing the clan, to avoid conflicts. Clans that repeatedly break the rules will be removed.
  • 10 members led by Bad
    Only Bad Boy can join.
  • 74 members led by JustATestYT

    we are the plasma gods! we main plasma and we use it with care! we are the plasma gods!
  • 59 members led by Rynosuke
    Rewrite history. Fight on. Be prepared for division. And lost knowledge will always be your best friend when you're alone. Cherish the game and be friendly. Forgive your teammates and forge onward. This is a message from your Captain of The Armageddon. Ha...  more
  • 23 members led by hassim1122
    Just join
  • 246 members led by Jin
    | Welcome To Arctic Falcon Team |

    | The Most Inflated Egos are often the Most Fragile. |...  more
  • 19 members led by kuruvila
    =I*BtF*~180*I= is a pro auto clan only for people with talent in auto you will first 1v1 then officers have a vote if we should accept you. BtF stands for born to fight.

    ...  more
  • 2 members led by killingdaddy
    Only Pros are alloowed. Anyone who makes less than 10k a week will be kicked out.
  • elp

    1 member led by Cenz
  • 14 members led by Player441
  • 6 members led by KYZO
    Only those who are ranked in the Top 100 can join, otherwise the request will be rejected.